Help 'em Wash™ Pet and Caregiver Shower Curtains
Pet Shower Curtain

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Pet Shower Curtain

The Help 'em Wash™ Pet Shower Curtain has shoulder length gloves (one size fits all) that allows you easy access to bathe your pet. The gloves are completely integrated and waterproof. The viewing area is completely clear so you can watch your pet closely while bathing them. You will stay dry even when your pet shakes the excess water off.

Wash your dog any time of year, no need to worry about the elements outside. Works great if your dog needs a flea bath or if she gets skunked!

You can vary the height of the shower curtain by raising or lowering the shower curtain pole.

The package contains one shower curtain with standard top. (rings included)

Size: 72 in x 72 in Material: Non-toxic PVC
Care: wipe clean with damp cloth

 $24.99 SOLD OUT!