Help 'em Wash™ Pet and Caregiver Shower Curtains

Curtain keeps you dry while bathing your dog

Article Written By JESSICA LAMEY - March 17, 2008

If you have a dog that goes outside for anything (potty breaks or leisurely strolls around the neighborhood or yard), then I am sure you have had to bathe them in your home at some point. It may have been a quick rinse to clean off some mud or sidewalk dirt, or maybe a scrubfest to get out whatever sticky substance they may have rolled in. Read More

Pet shower curtain keeps you dry while you wash your dog

Dogs, man's best friend, are lovable creatures, but they tend to get themselves pretty dirty. I mean, if you liked rolling around in dirt, you'd be dirty too. Nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to giving a dog a bath, you're as likely to get soaked as your pooch thanks to their penchant for shaking wildly to dry off.

If you're always dealing with this problem, this ingenious pet shower curtain is for you. Looking like something that a technician would use in a nuclear power plant, it allows you to go nuts with the scrubbing while completely protecting yourself from any errant water that Fido decides to send your way. It's low-tech ingenuity at its finest.

Article Written By Adam Frucci - January 2008

A customer review on

"I love it! I stay dry, my floor stays dry and my dog is contained. Bath time with my large dog in the recent past has been limited to the warm months. With this curtain I wash Fluffy when ever she needs it. I have both curtains up using a double rod. So when I need to wash Fluffy I just slide one curtain over, and slide the wash curtain in place. It's easy and affordable."

"Reminds me of those integrated gloves they use in nuclear and biosafety level 4 facilities."

Shower curtain lends a dry helping hand

Johnny needs a bath ... so does Fido ... and you don't.

Who hasn't, when bathing kids and pets, had the unexpected delivery of water shaken all over them? It's not fun.

The Help 'em Wash Shower Curtain, for children and pets, lends you a few covered hands and a curtain for the task.

Inventors Dan and Angie Cunningham came up with the idea while bathing their son, Danny.

When pushing open the curtains, "He would get cold. Angie would get wet. No one was happy. That was the genesis of the idea," said Dan Cunningham.

"There had to be a way to solve the problem," added Angie Cunningham.

The answer? Put some gloves in the curtain. Read More